Blue Collar Housing - Hotel alternative for those working on the road

Hotel Alternatives for those Working on the Road


Welcome to our website.
My name is Joe Lee, and I'm a landlord myself. I have several extended stay rental units located in South East Texas. All of my customers are blue collar workers, I'm not talking about your local handyman/laborer, ditch digger types. I'm talking about industrial tradesmen, who are usually getting paid a daily per diem, that would rather not stay in a hotel for months on end. Most of these men and women live on the road, going from job to job. They are usually very happy to move in to one of my units instead of having to live out of a hotel. They do not want to sign a lease or have to deal with getting utilities turned on. My rental rates vary depending on the size of the unit and number of occupants but are usually lower than what a decent hotel charges. So from the workers point of view my units are very desirable. For me it's great. My ROI is much higher than it would be leasing out to long term tenants.
We stay pretty busy. However, we do have slowdowns from time to time. One of the reasons for the slowdowns is that new workers getting hired on, and even ones who have been here for months just don't know about us. Of course we have return customers and referrals, but sometimes we just don't have any prospects.
It is not uncommon for people to find me and tell me they have been in a hotel for six months, and they wish they'd known about me sooner.
This is the reason we created this webpage.
So, whether you're a property owner who already knows the value of renting to blue collar workers, or you're a property owner who has "traditional twelve month lease" non furnished rentals who wants to increase rental revenue, our goal is to make the go to site for men and women working on the road, and there are a lot of them. List my property