Blue Collar Housing - Hotel alternative for those working on the road

Hotel Alternatives for those Working on the Road

Landlord F.A.Q.s

What makes Blue Collar Housing different from the vacation and corporate rental sites?
We cater strictly to blue collar workers (travelers) who make their living working on the road and get paid daily per diem . They work on industrial projects whether it be new construction, turnarounds, shutdowns, outages and other industrial project that require them to be away from home for an extended period of time.

Why not simply list my property on one of the many vacation or corporate rental sites?
Because of the booking and reservations most of the blue collar workers don't use those sites. Vacationers usually know exactly when they will arrive and exactly when they are going to depart making taking and holding reservations easy. Blue collar workers usually don't have this information. They usually know when they will be checking in, but they don't know if they will be there for four weeks or a year, from my experience they usually stay longer than what they tell you up front, which is a good thing. However this fact makes reservations very difficult, as no one wants to tell a good paying customer to leave to make way for a reservation. Another reason is communication and control. Potential customers view your listing and if it looks like a good fit for them, they call or email you directly. We are simply putting your property out in front of people working in your area needing a place to stay instead of a hotel. Who you rent to and how much you charge is up to you. You decide what forms of payment you want to accept, you're house rules and policies.

Why not just use Craigslist?
Craigslist is good we use it ourselves, and we will continue to use it. However Craigslist caters to anyone and everyone. There are thousands of ads in different categories, and your add gets lost very fast. Workers don't always have time to sift through all those ads and if they don't use just the right key words they may never even see your ad. Until now, your potential customers have been forced to use craigslist because there has been no alternative.

I have a waiting list of people wanting to rent from me, why would I need your site?
We always have a waiting list too, however I have found the list to useless in most cases. If I don't have a place within a day or so these guys have usually moved into somewhere else by the time I call them. Once they are moved in, they don't like to move out until the job is done or they drag up or get laid off. Example:
John the welder and his helper have been in one of my units for three months. They just got laid off, they get their deposit back and check out immediately. I run down the waiting list, the people I am able to reach have already found a place. My unit sits empty for 1, 2, maybe 3 weeks. $350 - $450 per week for two or three weeks a few times each year in lost rental income really adds up at the end of each year. At the same time there are many people in hotels that would rather be in my empty unit, if they knew about it.

What are your fees?
Listing are free for those outside of Galveston, Chambers, and Harris County Texas. Please call 281-957-9543 and we will be happy to ad your listing(s).

I have multiple properties, an RV park or a multifamily property, can I list them also?