Blue Collar Housing - Hotel Alternatives for Business Professionals

Why BCH?

  • Find an alternative to staying in a hotel for months on end while working on the road.
  • Pocket more of your Per Diem.
  • Feel more at home after work.
  • Enjoy higher quality of life on the road.
  • Avoid eating out every night.
  • Find Furnished Weekly & Monthly Rentals

Hotel Alternatives for those Working on the Road

Our mission is simple. We help Blue Collar Workers like welders, pipefitters, equipment operators, boilermakers, electricians, insulators, scaffold builders and occasional travel nurses to name a few find alternatives to saying in hotel rooms for months on end by connecting them with property owners and managers who provide turnkey, weekly or monthly extended stay accommodations that don't require signing a long lease, purchasing furniture and turning on utilities. Not just any landlord, we seek out landlords who know and understand the needs of those working on the road.
Are you ready to get out of that hotel room, cook your own food if you so desire, and keep more of your Per Diem? If so, browse our listings. There is probably a place waiting on you that wants your business as much as you want out of that hotel. Find a place.